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"Cultivate a harmonious and peaceful family environment for your kids"

About Alene Mathurin

Alene is originally from St Lucia, a small Caribbean island, and now resides in New Jersey, where she is pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a clinical psychologist. She is passionate about children, as evidenced by her thirteen years working with children in a variety of capacities. She is the author two children’s books, The Hairy Fairy, already in publication, and The Duck Who Always Started a Fire, which will be released this summer. In addition, she is the author of A Guide to Developing a Successful Nanny and Family Relationship. Alene once owned a nanny agency that successfully placed many qualified nannies with families.

She has worked with gay couples, children, and many first-time parents in many different positions, ensuring that strong family-caregiver relationships are cultivated. She is the founder of 200backpacks, a non-profit organizing that donates school supplies to underprivileged kids in the Caribbean, affording them the ability to stay in school.

Her passion for kids was further fueled by the birth of her son twelve years ago and by her own childhood struggles in St. Lucia. Her vast understanding of and experience in developing healthy family-nanny relationships, ultimately ensuring a healthy structural and emotional stability for kids, has molded her into a very successful and knowledgeable life and nanny coach.

With her education in psychology, her certificate in life coaching from the Life Coach Institute of California, her numerous childcare certificates, and intrinsic passion for the wellbeing of families, children, and caregivers, Alene has mastered several techniques involved in working with nannies and families.

She uses these techniques to ensure that the home, the family, the nanny, and, most importantly, the children are valued, respected, and happy—the perfect recipe for a fantastic home.

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