"Children are like a "blank tablet," a tabula rasa. Childhood experiences are important in determining adult characteristics". "John Locke". Those experiences come from first, the home, through parents and caregivers and the external world.

My Philosophy

I believe every responsible parent has to put great care and time into retaining the services of a caring, knowledgeable, quick-thinking professional to care for what is unquestionably his/her most prized “possession.” Young children are like sponges and will absorb, learn, and emulate every behavior that is modeled by the adults in their lives.

The sad reality is that not every caregiver with a bright smile is caring, knowledgeable, and has your children’s best interests at heart; consequently, you must be meticulous, leaving no stone unturned, when vetting the individuals you trust with the lives of your children.

Teaching children core values like respect for themselves, for others, for the universe, for animals, and for that which they perceive as different will benefit them in later years. Kids should have clearly-defined and consistent boundaries and rules. Some of my own parenting strategies, and those used in my business, are based on the works of Albert Bandura, Lev Vygotsky, and John Locke.

Psychologist Albert Bandura proposed what is known as social learning theory. According to this theory of child development, children learn new behaviors by observing other people. Through observations of the actions of others, including parents, caregivers and peers, children develop new skills and acquire new information. Consequently, it is imperative for families to find the best suitable caregiver for their children, someone who will embrace and reinforce the family’s values, rules, and boundaries.

Another Psychologist, Lev Vygotsky, proposed a seminal learning theory that has gone on to become very influential, especially in the education field. Like Piaget, Vygotsky believed that children learn actively and through hands-on experiences. His sociocultural theory also suggests that parents, caregivers, peers, and the culture at large are responsible for the development of higher order functions.

Psychologist John Locke believed that “children are like a ‘blank tablet,’ a tabula rasa. Childhood experiences are important in determining adult characteristics.” He purports that those experiences originate in the home, through parents and caregivers, and continue in the external world.

My strategies and techniques as your certified life/nanny coach are to partner with you to create a personalized, in-depth plan to acclimate your nanny to your family, home, parenting values, and community and to provide you with as-needed support, ultimately creating happy homes. 





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