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S.N.I.P (Successful Nanny Interview Program) You have found a few potential candidates and are ready to interview but you can’t seem to figure out what must me asked in order to ascertain the services of a qualified, caring and smart nanny for your children. Through S.N.I.P families will get the support of a Nanny Coach who will help ensure that all pertinent information about the nanny is gathered during the interview process. Using my expertise as a former Nanny Agency owner, I’ll partner with you to find the most qualified and compatible caregiver. Not only do I meet with both the families and caregivers as a team, but I also meet individually to achieve the goal of finding the best compliment for the family.
I.N.A.P. (Innovative Nanny Acclimation Program) Once the nanny is hired and introduced to your children it’s imperative to immediately begin to develop a successful relationship with the nanny with every member of the family. Through the INAP initiative I will work with both the family and the nanny to acclimate the new caregiver to every important aspect of the family dynamics including: parenting values, rules, home structure, and every aspect of the family that defines them as a unit. An important aspect of this plan is my presence, in the family’s home, with the nanny, to transition the new caregiver into their new role and ensure that a high standard of care is executed on the job. This alleviates the anxiety of hiring a new person as I become the eyes and ears for the parents over the duration of time they choose. This plan includes: • An initial meeting with the family and potential nanny to understand both each other and the family’s core value system • A meeting with the family and kids to help understand the children better • On the job location presence with the nanny to understand work ethics and skills, to provide any necessary reinforcement, and to help ease the anxiety of parents who are nervous about allowing a new nanny to work with their kids • An active liaison between the nanny and the family • Individual meetings with the family and the nanny to get feedback from both sides • Advice and support as needed to the family • A personalized guidebook for the nanny which details all pertinent information about the children, emergency contact information, crisis plans in the event of unforeseen situations like terrorist attacks, family routines, health related issues and other in-depth information
Over the years I’ve seen nannies being terminated from very good jobs, likewise, families losing very valuable nannies over trivial situations that could have been resolved if it was effectively communicated. Sometimes it’s as simple as understanding how cultural influences can hinder a nanny from communicating their true feelings that may ultimately affect their job performance or the parent’s expectations. It may also be that the family is trying hard not to make the nanny uncomfortable by pointing out their concerns and in the process avoiding communicating a problem, which could escalate into greater issues. I can help you cultivate and enhance successful relationships with your nanny by starting or initiating that line of communication. I act as a mediator in cases where there may be workable conflict within the nanny/family relationship.
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Have you attempted using one of the online nanny portals lately trying to search for the best caregiver for your family? Yes, it’s very involved with hundreds of profiles to choose from and everyone showcasing the same set of skills. We know how daunting it is especially when you don’t have too much time to spare. Join us for one of our monthly nanny/family networking events and meet either a great caregiver or a great family in person, in a relaxed cordial environment. Enjoy interview booths where you can have a private chat with a nanny who has piqued your interest. Use the expertise of the Nanny Coach to get as much information as needed. It’s safe and allows you the ability to meet many candidates and a great chance to meet parents in your area that are also looking for nannies. Find the next nanny/family networking event here.
Direct Nanny Coaching Many a times a nanny may not get hired by a family due to a lousy interview. There are many questions that need to be asked by the nanny in order to make the interview process successful. How do you dress? What approach should you use? What questions should be asked? If you’re nervous about the interview process you may benefit from my one-on-one interview coaching session which will help you be a better interviewee.
Choose from any of my unique services or contact me to create a customize plan for your family. Cultivate a harmonious and peaceful family environment for your kids!

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